Vat Tax Filing


Vat tax filing are provided for by art. 50 bis ofl D.L. 331/1993, converted with its amendments in L. 427/1993 and were made operative by D.M. 20.10.1997 n. 419. They allow to keep and let handle, without paying VAT, national and Community goods, provided that they are not destined to retail, in the same deposits. VAT will be paid for by the final buyer when the goods are sold in Italy.

This institution allows operators, National ones, Community and extra-Community ones, to proceed suspending taxes on national and Community goods, without any immediate obligation to pay taxes, which will have to be paid only afterwards, when goods are pulled out from the deposit. The depositary can in this way exercise his right on goods, benefitting the suspensive regimen for VAT for the time necessary to carry out all services; this time cannot exceed 60 days. Tax will be paid just by the final buyer, as a taxable entity, when the product is placed on the market in Italy, thus allowing the economic operator to procrastinate and compensate the financial aspects related to VAT. VAT tax filing are “physical” deposits, non-customs ones (for which there is a specifical regimen) and “non-virtual” ones (transit exclusively by commercial paper), where goods are kept, bought in Italy or in the Eu-Community or from outside EU-Community, provided they have already paid for customs duties and so they are introduced in “free circulation” throughout Community territory.