From April 2009 we have been able to offer a new service to our clients: we have got the authorization to manage a “TYPE C BONDED WAREHOUSE”, which has many advantages.

Extra-EU wares which are led into an open bonded warehouse are suspended from customs fees (both duties and VAT), so it is not necessary to make any clearance procedure while products are in the deposit.

Wares in a bonded warehouse can meet with handlings such as ironing, labelling, … all the time with as the same conditions. During stocking in our bonded warehouse, wares can be handled by reconditioning, ironing, labelling and all of the required quality checks. Just for those items which are put on sale throughout European Community, at the clearance it will be necessary to pay customs duties and VAT. For those products which are addressed outside European Community, it will be necessary to prepare all the documents to distribute and close their fees at the arrival customs, without paying more Community duties and VAT. Another possibility is that the importer asks the Customs a “PREVENTIVE EXAMINATION” in order to check and examine wares before making standard customs operations, with the possibility to return to the sender defective or non-conforming items. In order to fulfill all the customs requirements, we cooperate with BDF TRANS srl, which is working at Quadrante Europa, the Customs in Verona.